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Compass gives direction Rallae Systems specializes in providing web based database driven software development services to small and medium sized companies. You know the situation: when an Excel spreadsheet will no longer fill your needs, or there is a process that you would like to migrate to the web but don't have the in house expertise or time to commit to it. In such cases Rallae Systems can provide a solution that will help your enterprise grow to the next level.

In this age of ever growing technological complexity, sometimes the most difficult aspect is being aware of and finding possible solutions. Only when all the possible solutions are known can a real cost benefit analysis occur. I am not out to pedal a specific product other than the one that is best for you. If there is a third party solution that meets your needs and price level, then my job just got a lot easier. If you are best served by a custom solution, then Rallae Systems can build it. You decide.


Attention to Detail

Rallae Systems understands that sometimes a choice has already been made, or a system is already up and running and it is not worth the expense to migrate to a new environment. Therefore, Rallae Systems can provide solutions in both a Windows and Linux based environment. Whether running Apache or IIS, connecting to MySQL or SQL Server database, or editing a document in Open Office or MS Office, the important thing is that the system is up and it just works.

In new installations, many people prefer to work in an environment familiar to them which has less of a learning curve. That is why I recommend using a windows hosted solution and web applications developed using .NET and connecting to SQL Server. Again, if a Linux based solution is already in place, a PHP and MySQL solution can be accomodated and augmented without losing the existing codebase.

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The Heart of the Matter

I have over 8 years of professional software development experience. This experience includes system design and architecture, eCommerce, shopping carts, credit card payment solutions, Paypal integration, search tools, customer service applications. I also have extensive experience with back office processing, data feed importing and exporting, process automation, database redesign, data mining, project management. In short I have enough experience to tackle a wide variety of problems and the ablility to provide timely solutions.

I wrote my first program in BASIC on a Commodore 64 back in the early 80s. I still remember the thrill of getting a subroutine that I had written in assembly to work the very first time it ran. Now that was a real shot in the arm. I think programming at a young age gives a useful can-do attitude about computers and technology that carries over to this day. As an old teacher of mine used to say, "Computers do exactly what you tell them to do. That is their power. And their problem."

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